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The Secret Skincare Review

Read our review of The Secret Skincare, customised prescription skincare that will change your skin forever.

It is very rare that we come across a skincare product that is worthy of such a glowing review however The Secret is one skincare brand we truly believe has the power to help you achieve your skin goals, find out why below.

What is The Secret Skincare?

The Secret is an Australian skincare brand that is the brainchild of Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones and is formulated to treat even the most challenging cosmetic conditions. Carefully researched and formulated with medical strength ingredients such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, each jar is handmade individually for each patient to treat specific skin concerns.

The Secret contains prescription strength ingredients in a patented base with a focus on increasing skin clarity, treating fine lines and skin laxity, eliminating pigmentation and breakouts, and achieving the Secret glow.

The Experience

After completing a simple skincare questionnaire online, your products are then customised by a pharmacist and delivered to your door. Included with your skincare order is information about the products, a how-to-use care card which includes recommended frequency of product use and your prescriptions details.

The packaging is clean, sleek and minimal, white and black labels and dark glass jars for most products designed to keep the ingredients fresh and effective for longer.

Our tester’s recommendations were to use the Cellular Repair Night Cream every other night and work up to using in nightly. The Day Brightening Cream and Serum were used daily from Day 1.

Why We Love It

With just three products our tester has done away with nearly every other skincare product in their beauty cupboard, no more ten-step night time beauty care routine.

The results really are quite dramatic, our beauty reviewer looks after her skin with good quality products and treatments, however The Secret has taken it to a new level of clarity and glow. She experienced some minor flakiness and dryness after transitioning on to the Cellular Repair Night Cream which lasted only a few days. With powerful prescription ingredients a good SPF is a must when using these products.

Our Editor is now also a huge fan of the brand having seen the results (it is likely all of us at ele will start using it soon!) and has placed her first order. After two weeks of use she is also a convert to the products, citing clearer and more even-toned skin with a natural glow which makes it easy to go make-up free.

It is hard to explain just how well this product works, however you can see plenty of before and afters on The Secret’s Instagram page here. (Editor’s note – we are often sceptical about before and afters and how accurate they are but based on our experience to date these are real results with real people with all different skin concerns).

Hero product

If you can only afford one product, the Cellular Repair Night Cream really is a stand out, it will assist with most common skin complaints and assist with skin texture and anti-ageing. This product is a game changer.

The Cost

It isn’t cheap with the Cellular Repair Night Cream and Day Brightening Elixir coming in at $220 each for 100gm, however we think it is worth every penny, the night cream for example, should last you about 3 months and you will be able to do away with many of the extra products you may have been using.

Please note that our ele reviewer received a sample of the product to trial with no commitment to review. Our views, as always, are our own, they are unbiased and they are based on real-life experience. Both our beauty reviewer and our Editor have now ordered products for themselves after seeing the ability of The Secret to deliver real results.

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