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5 Tips For Travelling With Dogs

For most of us our four-legged friends are part of the family, which means leaving them at home while we go on holidays isn’t an option.

Travelling with dogs can take some planning so we spoke with the team at Motorhome rental platform Camplify, who have seen a huge spike in demand for pet friendly bookings in the last 12 months, for their tips on travelling with our furry friends.

Camplify Founder & CEO Justin Hales struggled to find dog friendly vans to hire with his wife, this gap in the market was actually where the idea of Camplify came from, he recalls “We recognise that pets are important members of the family, and are thrilled to see our community of van owners embrace and welcome them to the holiday experience. In fact almost half of our Australian fleet welcomes furry friends, so there’s thousands of vans to choose from.

The idea for Camplify actually came when my wife and I were searching for a holiday that we could take our dog on. Most caravans are used for just 2-4 weeks of the year, so we’re helping to bring a new lease of life to hundreds of underused leisure vehicles, whilst helping owners to boost their income by $10,000 – $20,000 a year.”

Camplify x Stylish Hound Caravan

5 Tips For Travelling With Dogs

  1. Pack accordingly

Preparation is key when it comes to travelling with your furry friend. At the very least you should pack a lead, harness, poop bags, bedding and their favourite toy. Stylish Hound is a great place to find all these and they come in the cutest colours and patterns.

2. Consider the weather

If you are travelling in winter or travelling to a cooler destination you will need to take this into account. Make sure to pack a warm blanket and one that your dog has used before, this will smell like home and will help them feel settled in their new environment.

If it’s exceptionally cold where you are going, consider packing some clothing for your pooch. Like these Stylish Hound PJ’s that are made from natural cotton – and they come in matching human PJ’s too!

4. Don’t overfeed

Feed your pooch a light meal before jumping in the car, this will limit the risk of them being car sick. If your pup really struggles with car sickness speak with your vet prior to going on the trip as there are many different medications that can help with this. If you are travelling for a long period of time and need to feed them during the trip be sure to stop, let them eat and give their tummy time to settle before driving again. 

4. Car safety

To ensure that your hound is safe whilst on the road you will need to restrain them properly in the car, this is also a legal requirement in every state of Australia. You can do this with either a crate or a doggie seatbelt.

These car seats act as a little safe haven for your pup and reduce anxiety when travelling. They also convert to a travel bed, which means less things that you have to pack.

5. Consider your destination

As we know, not all holiday spots are pet friendly so this is something that should be discussed before hitting the road. Be sure to call up the caravan parks or hotels to check that they are pet friendly before deciding on your destination. Good news is that there are so many great holiday parks that are pet friendly.

You can even hire Australia’s most pet friendly vans through Camplify, they have everything you need for a holiday getaway with your furry friend so most of the work is done for you. Choose from either Millie the Vintage Millard in Long Jetty or Van Morrison in Brunswick East. 

To book Millie, the dedicated dog caravan, from $80 per day, head to the Camplify website. To book Van Morrison, the dedicated dog campervan, from $160 per day, head here on the Camplify website. For more information on Stylish Hound, visit

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