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A Day in the Life of Thomas Richard, Founder of ASUVI

Australian brand ASUVI is the brainchild of Thomas Richard, an outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist from Sydney’s northern beaches who wanted to create a range of all natural products that are not only good for your body but good for the planet too. We chat to Thomas about what a normal day looks like for him.

Morning Routine

My day usually starts early at around 6am. I begin with a quick 10-minute meditation on our apartment balcony which overlooks bushland. This sets me up mentally and is followed by making a ‘breakfast drink’. My girlfriend and I intermittent fast so this drink has a number of minerals and vitamins to get our digestion moving instead of breakfast. I’ll also make an Oat Milk coffee in my little Moka Pot I bought in Italy.

Weekend mornings are very different and we’ll usually take it much slower. I like to catch up on sleep then head to check the surf and get a coffee. We live 100 metres from the beach where there are lots of great cafes, so we’re usually back and forth a few times surfing, eating and relaxing.

During the Day Routine

During the week, mornings are pretty much the only consistent part of the day as from here it changes depending on what I’m currently working on. At the moment we’ve been upgrading our manufacturing equipment, so I’ve been heading out to our facility in Ingleside which is only 15 minutes away. This is where we make and distribute our products. I’m usually back and forth a lot between home and “the shed” as we call it. Otherwise I’ll be working on our website, photoshoots or advertising at my home office. I do all of our photography so the last few weeks our living room has been filled with equipment and props to shoot our new fragrances.

By midday I like to head home for a late lunch and hopefully a little surf. Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner the night before or a veggie kofta/falafel salad or wrap.

Evening Routine

The day and the evening seem to morph into one at the moment. With our new fragrance launch and the new equipment going in, I’m usually working until 8.30 or later. That said, my girlfriend and I try to cook dinner together and eat dinner at the table most nights. Since we moved into our new apartment we haven’t had a TV and it’s been a blessing, creating time to wind down and catch up with each other.

We also like to tend to our veggie garden and other plants throughout the house at night. Our go to dinner’s are tofu poke bowls, grapefruit and chickpea salad and veggie burgers. After that we wind down and head to bed around 10.00, ready to do it all again!

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