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A South Pacific Dream Destination: New Caledonia

Palm-lined beaches, crystal clear waters in every shade of blue, laidback elegance and a curious mix of French and Melanesian culture, New Caledonia is a perfect island getaway to experience the beauty of the South Pacific.

Why Visit?

New Caledonia is often referred to as a little French slice of paradise in the South Pacific, mainly due to its French roots and exceptional French-Melanesian culinary fusion. The destination is also Australia’s closest neighbour via a short flight of 2 hours from Brisbane and 3 hours from Sydney making it easily accessible even for just a weekend. The diversity of experiences that can be had at the destination means that there’s something for every traveller and every budget.

What to do

The opportunities are endless in New Caledonia. As an active traveller, you can go skydiving over the second-largest coral reef in the world, parasailing or go snorkelling in the UNESCO-protected lagoon, kayaking through a drowned forest or hiking across the vibrant colour palette in the great south. The waters around New Caledonia offer unparalleled opportunities to explore all kinds of underwater creatures including turtles, whales, sharks and an exceptional diversity of plants and fish.

Where to Stay

While on holiday in New Caledonia you’ll have a wide array of accommodation options. You can opt to stay in a traditional overwater bungalow at DoubleTree by Hilton Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort or enjoy a golfing holiday at the Sheraton Deva Spa & Golf Resort in Bourail. If you want to experience something slightly different, you can stay at a local farm and get to know the locals or perhaps stargaze from the inside of a luxury bubble tent in the middle of the forest.

Don’t Miss

With its unique mix of French, Melanesian, Asian, Wallisian and Tahitian flavours, New Caledonia is an ideal spot for gourmet and fine food. A range of restaurants on the mainland and the islands offer a mix of seafood, such as coconut crab and New Caledonia prawns and discover the local produce with a modern twist. You should also take the opportunity to try the traditional Kanak dish bougna, a stew made with local vegetables and meat, chicken or fish cooked under banana leaves on the hot stones in a ‘Kanak oven’.

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