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Apple and Cinnamon Pie Slab

Is there anything better than home baked apple pie? Our Apple and Cinnamon Pie Slab is so easy to make, it fills the house with the most delicious smell of apples and cinnamon and it the perfect dessert to make ahead.

We also use store-bought square shortcrust pastry sheets to make this an even easier dessert to make, however if you prefer you can make your own pastry from scratch.

Prefer to watch? Watch us make this recipe here.

Apple and Cinnamon Slab Pie

Ingredients (makes 2 slab pies)

2 sheets of square shortcrust pastry

3 Granny Smith apples

3 tbsp of salted butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp white sugar

1 egg, beaten


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180c (350F).
  2. Peel and core apples and dice into 1cm pieces.
  3. In a large non-stick pan add butter and heat on a medium heat until fully melted. Add apples and gently cook for about 5-6 minutes until apples soften.
  4. Add cinnamon and brown sugar and cook for another 6-7 minutes until the mixture is golden and bubbling. Remove from heat and allow to fully cool.
  5. Halve both of the pastry sheets down the middle (you will have 4 halves).
  6. Halve apple mix amongst two of pastry halves, leaving a inch border around the edge.
  7. Brush the pastry edges with beaten egg. Place the other half on top of each pie. Using a fork, crimp the edges together the whole way around the pie.
  8. Using a sharp knife, slice six small slits in the top of the pies (to let the steam out).
  9. Brush the top of the pies with beaten egg and sprinkle with granulated sugar.
  10. Bake in oven for approx. 18-20 minutes until the pastry is golden and cooked through. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before slicing and serving with double cream, custard of ice-cream.

ele Tip – This Apple and Cinnamon Slab Pie can be eaten hot or cold and will keep covered for 2-3 days.

Watch us make this recipe here!

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