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Beauty Products To Make Your Everyday Skincare Routine More Luxurious

Skincare was the second-highest growing industry during COVID-19. With people taking their skincare more seriously and trying a personalised approach, I wanted to give you an opportunity to try a few luxurious products.

Sure you can achieve results using drugstore brands, but sometimes your skin needs something a little extra to make the active ingredient more effective for you.

Vitamin A (Retinols)

Vitamin A comes in so many different forms, with your needs changing as you age and collagen production drops.

For those who just want to buy off the shelf without thinking too much then Sunday Riley is known for having some of the most popular Vitamin A products on the market. Luna is perfect for those of us starting out in our 30’s. It’s my go-to product and the beautiful hydrating formula has meant I haven’t had to worry about any flaking as my skin adjusts to using retinol.

Sunday Rileys A+ is a more heavy-duty retinoid, and it’s the one I most recently picked up for my Mum. A+ is a beautiful serum that can be scaled up to nightly use. There is a reason it’s one of the most popular Vitamin A products on the market.

For the person who wants something in between, then Medik8’s Crystal Range has a retinal for absolutely everyone! The Crystal Retinal 3 is perfect for those looking for a medium-strength Vitamin A.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the product that gives you that bright glow while helping to undo UV damage. The best way to use a Vitamin C is in tandem with another antioxidant such as Vitamin E, so I’ll be recommending products that have both, or a lovely pairing.

The Medik8 C-Tetra Intense goes on like an oil but doesn’t leave an oily finish on your skin. It’s a high-strength Vitamin C that can be used to help treat pigmentation.

Skinceutical C E Ferulic has a cult following for a reason. Popular amongst dermatologists it contains a trio of antioxidants to protect your skin from UV damage while stimulating collagen production.

For those looking for an Australian-owned alternative, the team at Rohr Remedy have a beautiful Vitamin C and Vitamin E that can be combined to give you amazing results. Rohr Remedy use Kakadu Plum to provide their Vitamin C which has been shown to improve elasticity, hydration and crows feet!

Eye Products

The online community has mixed opinions on eye products but this girl cannot go past one!

For someone in their 30’s Jordan Samuels Performance Eye Gel is perfect for brightening and hydrating around the eye using peptides. The pump dispenses a lot of product though, so make sure to use sparingly!

Another popular product on the market is Sunday Rileys Auto Correct. It uses caffeine to brighten the skin, and a combination of watermelon extract and shea to hydrate. Perfect for when you haven’t had enough sleep but don’t want anyone to say ‘you look tired’.

As we age and the skin around our eyes gets thinner, heavy eye creams should be avoided. NOID’s FECC will help treat fine lines around the eyes, and its liquid formula means it can be patted into the skin easily. I saw results from this within a week and it’s a personal favourite of mine, even if I am terrified of dropping the little bottle!

I hope this has helped you with a few suggestions on how to take your skincare up a notch. These companies are famous for dedicating a lot of time and resources to the formulation of their products; so while the active ingredient may look familiar, the supporting ingredients are what really make these products shine.

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