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Buccal Facial Review

You may have heard of the Buccal Facial in in the lead up to Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018. It was apparently the bride-to-be’s facial of choice to get her prepped and ready for her big day.

The facial involves massage that is done outside and inside the cheeks and mouth to stimulate circulation, release tension and promote a healthy glow and sculpt the face.

We try this unique facial experience and see what all of the fuss is about.

The Experience

I arrived at Beaute The Facial Destination salon and met April Brodie. April is a renowned facialist and skincare expert who has over 37 years experience under her belt. April took me into the treatment room and she explained the treatment to me.

The Treatment

I laid down and my skin was cleansed. A light peel was applied and then April added a facial oil, put on some gloves and commenced the facial massage. The only way I can explain the treatment if you haven’t had it before is to say it felt strange, not uncomfortable or painful, just unusual.

April firmly massaged my chin, neck and facial area before the piece de resistance, the inner cheek massage. April used her fingers on the inside and outside of the cheek and mouth area, it was unlike anything I had ever tried before and was a strange sensation but also quite relaxing.

Following the massage April applied a face mask and moisturiser and then I was ready to go.

The Aftermath

Immediately afterwards my skin was a little pink and shiny but nothing that would have stopped me from heading out or seeing people. I could see immediate results of the firming ‘lift’ around my chin and jaw line. The next day my skin was beautifully clear and firm and definitely had a glow.

This lasted for a week or so and I imagine that regular treatments would keep your skin in beautiful shape and prevent having to head straight for Botox or filler.

Would I try it again?

Definitely, I would love to add this into my skin facial regime and visit April at least once a month.

Pain level: 1/10
Cost: $$
Effectiveness: A

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