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Create A Golden Festive Makeup Look Using Three Products

Want a simple festive season makeup look that can take you from day to night with minimal fuss? Read on..

There are three things I want for my Christmas party makeup:

I want it to be gold. Always. Gold makeup is so far from my usual aesthetic, and this is my favourite opportunity to break the mould!

It has to last ALL day and night. Christmas Parties are often after work, and I am not bringing in my makeup bag to do a full face at 6pm, I want to be at the venue, wine in hand by then.

It needs to be simple. This is pre-work 7:30am makeup, not ‘experiment with 4 palettes’ makeup. To create this look I used my regular face of makeup and only three additional products!

So let’s talk about how to take your regular work makeup up a notch with three simple products!

  • Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Stick in Rose Pearl (Link)
  • Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Stick in Copper (Link)
  • NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Bedtime Flirt (Link)

I’m assuming you have already put on a full face of base makeup, but if you would like me to do a separate post about how to do everyday makeup, please let me know in the comments!

Step One:

Take your Rose Gold Zoom Stick and coat your entire eyelid, remember to put a small amount of shadow on the inner corner of your eye as this will really make your eyes look bigger and brighter!

Step Two:

Grab your Copper Zoom Stick and with your eyes open draw a small line of shadow in the outer section of your eyelid crease. Doing this with your eyes open ensures that people with hooded eyelids (like me) can achieve a smoky look without losing all our hard work to the crease as soon as we open our eyes!

Take your finger and blend this in with the rose gold but don’t take it further than the middle of your eye. The Zoom Sticks are really easy to work with your fingers, so don’t be afraid to get in there and experiment!

Step Three:

Apply the NYX Lipstick. If you want to use a lip liner, then you can, but the matte finish won’t bleed so the lip liner would only be if you line the outer edge of your lips to make them look bigger. I personally don’t do this because I think it looks a bit silly on me, but there are other people I’ve seen who look bloody fantastic with it, so you do you!

That’s it!

These are all super longlasting products, seriously those Zoom Sticks are actually pretty tough to get off, so you’ll be rocking your golden look well into the night.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these super simple makeup looks.

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