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Designing A Beautiful Home Office Space

If you work at home you know it is essential to have a space of your own where you can remove yourself from the day to day activity of the household to escape and focus on work.

Ideally it will be a space that sparks creativity, energises and inspires you. Not everyone will have a dedicated room they can use purely for an office so finding creative ways to create a study nook in a multi-purpose room may be required. Here are some tips to create a beautiful office space.

1. Make the most of lighting. If you have an abundant of natural light, make the most of it by considering where the sun will hit during the day, there is nothing worse than dealing with the full glare of sun on the computer screen or having to close all of the blinds up just to block out sunlight. If you only have a little natural light, make sure you light the office space with a series of ambient lighting so you can adjust the mood during the course of the day at the flick of a switch.

2. Consider the placement of power points. There is nothing worse than having a whole stack of cords going to and from a desk which is placed in the middle of a room, not only do they look unsightly they can also cause a safety hazard. If you can’t locate your workspace near a power point, try securing cords along the edge of the room or on the floor. A well placed rug can assist with keeping them covered up.

3. Fill the space with things that you love. Often home offices are the last rooms to get the designer treatment in our homes and can often be afterthoughts. However with more and more people working from home it’s important to make sure that your space is a reflection of you and the things that you love. Whether it’s books, painting, photographs, scented candles or a pretty jar of lollies you can snack on during the day adding some personal touches will make it feel homely and welcoming.

3. Bring nature indoors. Whether it’s a bunch of beautiful blooms, a beautiful orchid an indoor house plant, adding some living things in to your office space increases air quality and lifts your mood. Just remember to water plants regularly!

4. Use tech to your advantage. Home assistants like Alexa and Google can be invaluable in your home office. From switching lights off and on to giving you your daily news updates or playing your favourite playlist, being able to by simply talking to an assistant saves you time and energy.

5. Compartmentalise and organise. If you are sharing the space with other family members or if your study doubles as the spare room, keep things compartmentalised so you can clearly between distinguish the different areas. Use storage boxes and buckets to organise your space and try a pull out sofa that can double as a great spot for you to read or create during the day and can also function as a bed when it needs too.

6. Think about your visitors. If you are likely to have visitors in to your home office, consider how they will enter in and out through the private areas of your home. Try to create enough space so they can sit comfortably and keep it professional, hanging washing and messy spaces aren’t the best first impression you can make.

7. Remove distractions. Are you a procrastinator? Try removing temptations from the room, whether that’s a tv or gym equipment, keeping focused is easier if you don’t have daily distractions staring you in the face.

8. Get the right equipment. Spending a little cash on the right tools you need for your work is essential, whether it’s a whiteboard, a double monitor or camera and tripod set up, the right tools will keep your productivity on track.

Apparently people who work in a physical environment that is inspiring are much more productive than those that don’t. So if you currently spend your days at a desk cramped up between the ironing board and a spare bed, think about how you can reorganise to make the most out of your home office space.

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