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The Summer Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe And How To Wear Them

By Shannon Meddings

For years it feels like we have been living in the chic yet slightly bleak days of blacks and neutrals, colour was dejected from our fashion lives for what has felt like an eternity.

All that is behind us now, as colour is blooming in all our fave brands. And don’t be fooled by the “black is sliming” concept as wearing black has some negative aspects you may not be aware of including highlighting dark shadows. under the eyes and in facial creases. Although wearing black head to toe can be très chic, on repeat, it can look tired.

So how do I wear colour I hear you ask! Well here is your how-to guide on all the hot colour trends for SS20 and how to wear them for your unique skin tone.

There are a couple of things to consider when diving into the colour pool of fashion, as colour can do one of two things to your complexion, it can enhance your features, helping you look both vibrant and healthy but beware, choose wrong and the colour can drain you and at worst give you a sickly complexion, but as I’m here to help that will not be happening.

Every colour tone has a cool tone and a warm counterpart so in fact you can wear every colour of the rainbow although wearing a warm tone if you have cool skin or vice versa will lead you into the afore mentioned trouble and probably see that wrongly chosen piece of clothing sit in your wardrobe collecting dust, a massive waste of money.

First of all, we need to determine which tone you are, cool or warm. An easy guide to knowing is asking yourself; do I prefer silver jewellery on me? If you do then you are cool toned and if you prefer gold, you are warm. If you are unsure of your seasonal colour palette click here.

Colour Palette: Left is Cool, Right is Warm

Now its time to peruse the seasonal colours, remember though if you happen to absolutely LOVE a colour and you find it is not in your optimal colour palette, don’t stress! The colour system only effects your face, so if you love citrus green but it makes you look a sickly shade of pale then opt for that tone in a skirt or pants. Just make sure you avoid the colour near your face.

SS20 Colour Trend Combinations

Pinks & Blues

Pinks: How To Wear

Vestire the Label
House of Holland
Bondi Born
Bondi Born

Blues: How To Wear

Jasper Conran
Prabal Gurung
Gabrielle Colangelo
State of Escape

Yellow & Juicy Oranges

Yellows: How To Wear

Oscar de la Renta
Seed Heritage
Seed Heritage
Seed Heritage
TK Maxx

Juicy Oranges: How To Wear

Dries van Noten
Sunny Life
Teatum Jones

Lime Shot & Reds

Lime Shot: How To Wear

Cristiano Burano
Cristiano Burano
Victoria Beckham

Reds: How To Wear

Victoria Beckham
Seed Heritage
Seed Heritage
Bird & Knoll

By wearing tones that compliment your skin tone you will make your eyes pop, your skin look healthy, wrinkles decrease and all over they make you shine!

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