Dream Destination – San Clemente Palace, Kempinski, Venice

Discover an elegant island escape in the heart of Venice, the San Clemente Palace Kempinski.

When we think about our usual island go-to holiday destinations it typically involves tropical palm trees, cocktails, dreamy overwater bungalows and ‘in a bikini all day’ island vibes.

Our latest island Dream Destination however is the opposite of that, a private elegant and sophisticated island escape in Venice, the San Clemente Palace Kempinski.

Just a short ten minute boat ride from the famous Piazza San Marco in the heart of Venice, the San Clemente is an oasis of privacy and luxury in the medieval city. The luxurious hotel will be your (very glamourous) home away from home in Venice and with no public access to the island it is the perfect escape for those who are seeking true privacy and luxury.

The Hotel

The hotel styling is elegant and refined with high ceilings and luxurious touches. There are a range of room and suite options depending on your taste and budget, our tip is to choose a room with lagoon views – if this is a one off trip to Venice or even if you are a regular visitor having views of the famous waterways is a must.

There are three restaurants on site with the new Buddah Bar Beach opening on 15 April 2022, it will bring a touch of classic island vibes to the hotel with palm trees and laid-back poolside dining and relaxing.

You could easily spend a few days just relaxing at the San Clemente Palace but to do so would mean missing out on all that stunning Venice has to offer. Take one of the hotel’s private boat transfers to the heart of Venice and enjoy the history and architecture of this unique destination.

Add the Kempinski Venice to your Italy must-stay list, you won’t be disappointed.

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