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We Review evo Hair Products

Alex reviews one of her favourite Australian hair care lines, evo.

About 18 months ago I had the worst hair cut of my life. In my head I looked like one of those skinhead girls with a shaved head and a full fringe and sideburns, but in actual fact it was just choppy/a bit uneven.

During the inevitable meltdown that comes with a bad haircut I did what any overly dramatic person would do, I went to a fancy salon in an area of town I can’t afford and tried to explain the disaster on my head to a very patient salon owner.

Thankfully she took pity on me and under her guidance I’ve been gradually restoring my hair using regular treatments both in-salon and at home with evo products.

evo’s claim is that they are ‘saving people from themselves’ and to be honest in my case its 100% true so I wanted to give you a rundown on my fav evo products so you can get them in and around your locks. This Aussie range is now available internationally (lucky you!).

Happy Campers Wearable Treatment


THE BE ALL AND END ALL. Helps your hair be healthy, gives volume, helps with styling, can be used daily, protects from UV, reduces blow-drying time, calls your mum for you.  What more do you need?

This is hands down the best thing I have used for my hair.  I bought it for my friend last week and she has messaged me TWICE completely unprompted to say how soft her hair feels and we have completely different hair types. Don’t just trust me though, do yourself a favour (or as I say ‘FAY-VAH’) and get this.  Hurry Up.

To shop this product click here.

Ritual Salvation Shampoo and Conditioner


I once went on holiday to the US with a girl who has thin hair and being young we did stupid things like decide we would just share shampoo and conditioner to save space.  She bought volumizing products and I broke every hair tie I owned during those three weeks. Seriously I looked like Monica at the end of the Barbados trip in that one Friends episode.

But what I do remember from that experience is how luxurious volumizing products feel! I was in the shower all lathered up acting out my best Pantene commercial, it was great. 

Ritual Salvation gives me exactly the same feeling but instead of having to spend 15 minutes trying to wrangle my hair into a scrunchie it just makes it strong, shiny and healthy. Seriously, my breakage went from catastrophic to nothing by making sure I was using good repairing products.

To shop Ritual Salvation click here.

Mane Attraction and Head Mistress


Mane Attraction

Protein is the OG for repairing damaged hair, so when I decided to balayage my hair and dye the ends purple (it was cute, ok) I started using Mane Attraction once a week instead of my conditioner. This helped to repair and strengthen my hair as well as making it easier to detangle – something I underestimated needing on the reg.

To shop this product click here.

Head Mistress

When you have split ends there isn’t anything that’s going to fix them, but Head Mistress will stick those little buggers together between trims so that you can keep looking tidy without sacrificing length.

To shop this product click here.

To see the full range of evo products visit their website here.

What hair products are you currently loving? We would love to hear from you below!

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*Note – as always on ELE all opinions are our own, we only review products we genuinely love and use ourselves.

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