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ELE Health & Beauty: What We Tried This Week – The Modified Jessner Face Peel

We are a little beauty treatment mad here at ELE and are happy to be a guinea pig for all kinds of new health and beauty treatments, particularly if they promise glowy, youthful skin! This week we try a Modified Jessner face peel.

What is it?

The Modified Jessner face peel is a medium depth chemical face peel that targets the upper dermis of the skin and uses a combination of citric, sacylic and lactic acid (super hydrating) to remove superficial layers of skin and reveal gorgeous glowing skin underneath.

What is it good for?

Jessner peels typically treat pigmentation, wrinkles, ageing, dull and sun damaged skin and boost collagen production.

What happened during the treatment?

The therapist first discussed the process with us so we fully understood what would be happening during the treatment. She conducted an analysis of our skin before double cleansing and applying the peel solution in two layers. The solution was left on for about 3-4 minutes. The solution was then neutralised and a calming mask was applied.

Did it hurt?

The Jessner Peel didn’t hurt at all, there was a slight tingling/burning sensation when the solution was applied however it wasn’t uncomfortable. Immediately following the treatment our skin was red and tight but by the following morning the redness had vanished. The tightness remained for another day or so. We wouldn’t have felt comfortable going out that evening with our skin as red as it was however the therapist offered to apply a mineral make-up suitable for use after a peel.

Did you have much peeling?

We were really surprised at how little peeling we had, a little around the chin and temples but nothing too severe. It looked a little like dry and slightly flaky skin on those spots but wasn’t noticed (or at least commented on!) by anyone, including those nearest and dearest to us. *Note that our therapist advised that individual peeling will vary depending on your skin condition and how the therapist applies the solution.

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary depending on the salon you visit however we paid $169 (Australian dollars).

Do you rate it?

While it wasn’t our favourite peel in terms of results we did love the fact that there was limited downtime and that our skin was lovely and glowy for a week or two following the treatment.

Would you have it done again?

We would, particularly a week or so ahead a big event to get a gorgeously glowing complexion.

Any other tips?

We would advise not having it done during summer as you have to be super careful protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays after any peel and of course, always find a reputable skin clinic and a therapist you feel comfortable with.

*Please note all beauty and health treatment reviews and articles at ELE are our own personal experience and shouldn’t be substituted for your own medical and treatment advice from qualified beauty and health professionals.

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