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Eleven Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Shannon Meddings @stylemachine_

Here at ELE we not only adore a gorgeous product, but we also love, support and cheer on all the Mums being super ladies on the daily! So whether you are looking for something speesh to gift your own amazing Mum or eyeing off something special for yourself, we’ve got you covered! And if you do happen see something you like, maybe just casually print the page, circle your faves and leave somewhere completely obvious for people to find. You deserve it Superstar Mumma’s! HMD to all our Mum Readers.

1. TDE Mother’s Day Jewellery Box

2. Sheridan Arden Silk Scarf

3. Lohdukas Unikko knitted pullover

4. Arnhem_Mackie BALLINA Dressing Gown

5. J. Crew Jewellery

6. Sainted Sisters Scarlett Chemise and Kimono

7. Kokostar Cherry Blossom Lip Mask

8. Stitch & Hide Bag

9. Jessie_Suns

10. Satin Cami

11. Beysis Personalised Nail Polish

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