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Mothers Day Beauty Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is coming up here in Australia, and lots of people, myself included, won’t be able to visit our mums this year. I’ve spent my time curating a few (mostly) beauty gift ideas based on some favourite mums in my life, and I hope they help inspire you this year!

The Crafty Mum

This mum loves crafting in the winter, and in the warmer months, you cannot get her out of her garden. She’s got a new floral arrangement on her dining table every week and a new quilt in the works every winter.

Go-To – Super Handy

There just isn’t a better hand cream, I’ve looked. So give your mum’s calloused hands a break; they’ve been pricked by more needles and scratched by more rose thorns than you could imagine.

Queen Screen – Ultra Violette Sunscreen

Keep your mum safe while she’s outdoors with this luminous sunscreen from Ultra Violette, it even smells like roses!

The Insta-Mum

She loves posting every achievement on insta, has gotten super crafty with her stories, and tbh is considering joining TikTok. She knows when to dress up for the camera while still looking effortless.

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

No single person alive looks bad in this lipstick, it’s honestly crazy how quickly this shade can take any outfit up a notch.

Instax Mini Link

Your mum can turn every one of her instagram pics into a polaroid with this little gem. Alternatively, you can get one for yourself and make her a little album of your favourite memories.

Netflix and Wine Mum

Don’t judge her; she’s exhausted! Netflix and Wine mum wants a little peace and quiet so she can have some me-time. This mum has earned every minute of her couch time after being taxi, restauranteur and counsellor to her little rugrats.

Essential Kit – Stress No More Bath Tonic

Add these beautiful soothing salts to a bath for a rose-scented calming soak

Aceology – Lifting Mask

Give her a little boost with this new peel-off lifting mask from the gel-mask queens at Aceology. She’ll be feeling revitalised in no time!

The New Mum

Maybe your friend or partner has just had a baby and this is their first mothers day. They’re probably exhausted and sick of visitors in their home, so I’ve gone with some more practical items here:

Grandvewe and Hartshorn – Sheep Whey Hand Sanitizer

This Sheeps Whey hand sanitizer from Tassie will smell delicious, while giving mum the reassurance that no dirty hands are touching her little one!

Homemade Meals or a Cleaner

There are so many services that do this, but if your budget is stretched, just offering to do a few loads of laundry or taking her a lasagne ready for the oven will be all the gift she could want.

The Mum who is Dad

Not everyone has been raised by a mother, but today is a good opportunity to thank the man who stepped into that role for you. He was everything you needed and he deserved a little treat.

Bro-To Face Hero

Keep his face free from pollution and well hydrated with this antioxidant face oil. It’s a simple but powerful little tool that will help him age like George Clooney.

Le Labo – Santal 33 Frangrance

Sandalwood is an intoxicating fragrance, and thanks to the unisex nature of this scent if they don’t like it you can keep it for yourself. It’s delicious though so the odds are very slim.

The Mum who is Grandma

Nan has been sneaking you treats for as long as you can remember. Her house had no rules and she always took your side in an argument. Treat her to something cute this Sunday!

Aceology – Green T Infusion Gel Mask

It is never too late to begin masking and a gel mask is perfect for more delicate skin, this will help grandma feel fresh and luminous!

Salt by Hendrix – Amethyst Face Roller

To match her mask give Grandma the gift of relaxation while encouraging blood flow to her face. This double ended roller can be used all over her face and around her eyes to gently massage her skin. Use over the top of the gel masks for a real treat!

Happy Mothers Day! We’re keen to hear what you’ll be getting that special someone in your life.

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