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How To Apply Blush

Achieving a gorgeous healthy glow with blush can be daunting at first, but with a few tips and tricks you can learn how to apply blush to get a perfect look every time. Makeup artist Madeleine Grace shares her tips and explains why it is all about X’S AND O’S.

Step 1: Blush Placement

In order to achieve the aim of a soft looking blush that adds lift to the cheek, keep your blush above the hollow of the cheek bone about two fingers distance away from your nose. Having colour too close to the nose can sometimes look more like redness than a wash of colour.

I always recommend not smiling when putting on blush. Our cheeks drop when we stop smiling, changing the overall position of the blush and making the cheek bone look lower. Keeping your face nice and rested ensures that the placement on the cheek is flattering whatever your facial expression.

Step 2: X’s

Once you have worked out placement, it’s time to apply the blush. When applying blush I want you to think of ‘kisses and hugs’ or ‘X’s and ‘O’s. Start near the hairline, create an ‘X’ on the cheek which will place the colour down.

Why I recommend starting further back is that it is much more flattering having the most colour higher up on the face. This lifts the look, rather than more colour on the lower part of the cheek which can drag the face down.

Look straight into a mirror to help guide your placement and use the pupil of your eye as an indicator of when to stop your blush on the cheek.

Step 3: O’s

Once the colour has been placed on the cheek with the ‘X’ motion, blend that in by doing little ‘O’ movements to melt the blush into the skin. Circular motions will give you a beautifully diffused finish and it will ensure that you can’t tell where your skin starts and the blush finishes.

The final result will be an effortlessly lifted and diffused cheek!

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