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How To Take Care Of Your Hands In Winter

This winter may be the harshest one on your hands for a while. They’ll have seen scrubbing, soap and hand sanitizer like never before. To make sure that you’re taking care of them so that in spring they’re soft and supple, we have created a quick list of our favourite products!

Weleda Skin Food

There is a reason this is on every travel beauty bloggers list; it is perfect for those flaky, dry patches you see so often with a change in weather. Skin Food’s thick formula can be a bit greasy, so it’s perfect for overnight use!

Go-To Super Handy

I did a quick count and found 4 tubes of this in my one-bedroom apartment. This is the best hand cream for everyday use because it rubs in so quickly! Treat yourself to a tube or four.

Lush Dream Cream

Those of you with eczema will appreciate the oat milk in Dream Cream, helping to soothe inflamed skin – plus it’s vegan, a win-win!

Burts Bees Cuticle Creme

This cuticle treatment is a cult favourite for a reason! The delicious lemon scent will stay with you all day, and the tin is perfect for your bag (although a little hard to open at times).

DU’IT Tough Hands

When you are in need of some serious moisturise for cracked, dry and irritated hands, DU’IT’s Tough Hands is the product for you. It is guaranteed to help keep your hands at their best during the colder months, no matter what you throw at them.

Dr Bronner Hand Santiser

This was my go-to hand sanitiser well before COVID-19. It’s perfect for your handbag and I like that it’s a spray because it’s less product on my hands than the regular gels. Just a warning though, this lavender scent is very strong.

Grandvewe and Hartshorn Hand Sanitiser

This Tasmanian cheesemaker and distiller makes the CUTEST hand sanitiser you’ve ever seen. With a fresh lemon myrtle scent, it’s a way to stay safe without compromising.

Ultra Violette Extreme Screen

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can slack off on the sunscreen. Extreme Screen smells like coconut and goes on like a dream, keep a little tube in your bag to make sure all your hard work doesn’t get undone by sun damage.

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