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A Wellness Supplement Revolutionising How We Age – Tru Niagen

When we had a message pop in to our inbox about a product that is supporting our bodies through the ageing process it immediately captured our attention. With health and wellness being such a big focus for the ele team, anything that helps us to feel our best through every stage of our lives is something worth investing in.

NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is the mission-critical molecule present in every cell of the body. NAD is plentiful while we are young, but once we get past our mid-twenties, NAD levels start to decline. Until recently, this decline in NAD has been thought to be an irreversible consequence of ageing.

Fortunately, some of the world’s leading scientists discovered a way to support NAD levels by recently discovering a NAD precursor – the ingredient in Tru Niagen®.

We asked Professor Charles Brenner, one of the world’s leading experts on cellular energy and NAD+ metabolism about how NAD can support our health and wellness goals.

What causes our NAD levels to decline as we age?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a vital molecule in the body that regulates basic functions from building up cells to metabolising food for energy and supporting tissue repair and regeneration. NAD levels decline substantially as we age; they also decline due to stressors like overeating, alcohol consumption, and a sedentary lifestyle.

How does TRU NIAGEN® support our NAD levels and improve our overall health?

TRU NIAGEN® has one active ingredient: nicotinamide riboside (NR). NR gets to our cells and is converted efficiently to NAD+, NADH, NADP+ and NADPH, which allows us generate energy from food and to make and repair all of our bodily components. Clearly, we see our metabolism and resiliency decline as a function of age and metabolic stress. Our approach is to boost NAD metabolites to promote health and wellness.

What other things do you recommend we do in the fight against ageing?

Let’s start with not calling it a fight. I think we’re best off to stay physically and mentally active, socially engaged, eat well, drink sufficient water, and think of ageing as mastery and maturity rather than incapacitation. While we inevitably lose fertility and some repair capacity as we age, the people who age best are living best and not obsessing about how many wrinkles they have. Instead, we’ve seen people of all ages change their lifestyle – move more, eat better and live better – and as a result improve the quality of their every day by having more energy and vitality.

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