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How To Shape And Groom Your Eyebrows At Home

Not sure how to groom your own eyebrows at home? Let us help you!

I am terrified of going back to 2005 sperm-brows because I’ve accidentally overplucked, so I do not touch my brows anymore besides with Benefits Gimme Brow. This wasn’t an issue until a few weeks ago.

Luckily for me (and you), Melbourne’s most influential brow-queen, Loz Shae made us the Instagram story we’ve been waiting on; how to do your brows in isolation!

You’ll need a few tools for this quick maintenance job (links to the products Loz uses included):

Unfortunately, Instagram restricts anything except images from being embedded on other sites, so here is a link to Loz’s Instagram where you can watch it on her IGTV: Shaep Brow Tutorial.

Good luck! Maybe we can all come out of isolation having perfected our own at-home brow care.

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