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ELE Health & Beauty: Alex Reviews – Face Halo (can you really take off your makeup with only water?)

By Alex Garlan

As someone who wants the planet to remain relatively intact for future generations I have been looking at ways that I can reduce single-use products in my lifestyle. Aside from the typical water bottles, straws etc. I realised that I use a ridiculous amount of cotton pads each day and went looking for alternatives, Face Halo appeared in my local pharmacy and I was a keen bean to try it out.

Face Halo is a microfibre round that they say can be used to remove your make-up up to 500 times before it needs to be replaced. I’ve been using them for about a month now and I have to admit that although I was skeptical at first I have now been won-over.

Face Halo recommend using white halos for regular makeup and the black halos for heavy pigment products or masks. I own both but the white halos are my favourite as someone who likes to stick to tinted sunscreen with light powder during the week.

Though their website says that Face Halo can remove makeup with just water I found that in doing this I was pulling on my skin a bit too much, then I got my trusty micellar water involved and the game changed entirely. By adding micellar water my makeup can be taken off quickly and smoothly with just one halo.

Once I’ve used a halo I chuck it in the washing machine and when I put a load on next I clean it, it’s as easy as pie. Since my original purchase I’ve grabbed a couple of extra packets of Face Halo, so although the investment upfront can seem a little pricey I’m no longer buying cotton pads, I’ve reduced my waste and my skin is looking wonderful and healthy!

Photo L-R: Face Halo immediately after taking off makeup, Halo after a wash, New Halo.

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