Live: Exploring Marylebone High Street, London

There is no shortage of cool streets in London to shop, wander and explore but one of our absolute favourites is Marylebone High Street in London’s West End. Located close to Oxford Street and running sub-parallel to Baker Street, it has a plethora of beautiful boutiques, restaurants and hotels. 

We recommend spending a morning or afternoon exploring the boutiques (The White CompanyTOASTCath Kidston and Cologne and Cotton to name a few) and enjoying lunch or drinks at one of the many bars or restaurants in the village (The Marylebone pub makes a serious cocktail!).

Be sure to go via St Christopher’s Place either on the way to, or from, Marylebone Village, it is another cute laneway packed with restaurants and shops. 

For more information visit Marylebone Village and St Christopher’s Place

5 comments on “Live: Exploring Marylebone High Street, London

  1. Love the photos! Really want to visit

  2. The lighting and the colors of the pictures! Perfect!

  3. I love this area too! I haven’t been to all those shops though so will check them out next time I’m in town. My fave is Daunt’s Books. It’s my fave bookshop in the world! Nice post!

  4. I could definitely enjoy a trip there – looks awesome !

  5. Enjoyed your photos in this post. Really nice light 👌

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