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Why Winter Might Be The Best Time To Visit Tasmania

By Shannon Meddings, Style Machine

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If you haven’t noticed lately, Tasmania or Tassie as we Aussies like to call it is the cool kid on the block when it comes to travel in Australia.

There are a huge array of experiences on offer during Tassie’s off-season. Recently we celebrated all thing Tassie, in the heart of Sydney’s Centennial Park amidst the trees and a crackling fire to get a taste of the Apple Isle. We sipped on mulled wine and delightfully indulged on some of the finest of Tassie whiskies and, of course, sampled the tastiest and freshest culinary delights Tasmania has to offer.

Tassie Off-Season celebration

Chef and self-confessed, hunter, forager and deep-sea diver, Anneliese Gregory, explained how she prepares some of the freshest produce in the world, which we can confirm was absolutely mouth-watering! The night evoked a sense of adventure and wilderness, the called for us mainlanders to shake off our inhibitions and experience Tassie when it truly comes alive.

Annaliese Gregory

From the stories shared, when the mercury drops Tassie locals feast harder, dance longer and embrace the very wilderness that defines them. The Off-Season invites travellers to experience Tassie’s creative spirit and explore its wonderful destinations for themselves.

Some of great Tassie adventures to try include:

1. Barley Silo Stargazing at McHenry Distillery’s new observatory. Peer into distant galaxies, watch an Aurora and learn the secrets of the sky.

Stargazing – McHenry Distillery

2. ‘Everyday I’m Trufflin’ celebrates the finer things in life. Embark on a truffle hunt, enjoy fine Tassie wine and truffle-inspired dining at Stillwater Seven.

Stillwater Seven

4. Sarah Island lantern tour tells tales of fear and dread and a dark convict history on a dimly-lit night tour only for the brave. Lashings of local whisky, mulled wine and warm morsels keep shivers at bay.

5. Meet the fluffy wombats up-close and experience the beautiful wildlife on the Maria Island walk.

Wombats at Maria Island
Wombats at Maria Island

So, whatever your heart desires, escape the mundane and swap it out for the freshest of air and the spirit of adventure Tasmania has to offer For more information visit here.

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