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3 Floral Artists To Follow Now

In Issue 5 of ele Magazine, we featured the work of three Floral Artists that are creating incredible floral art. Each of these talented artists works with flowers and blooms to create impressive floral displays that will inspire you to get creative in the garden!

We chat to them about their art and inspiration.

Emily Avenson, Fleuropean

I am a farmer-florist, outdoor enthusiast, and plant-dyed silk ribbon maker. You most likely know me as the creative catalyst behind Fleuropean. Born and raised in urban California, I turned to nature as a way of growing new roots after finding myself settled in rural Belgium.

Working the ground and getting my hands dirty, I found a friend in Mother Nature. What started out as casual courtship soon grew into a full-blown love affair, and I found myself sowing and growing a carefully curated color palette of blooms. I am constantly experimenting with new textures and color combinations. Each new season brings fresh adventures, an invitation to dig deeper into the world of gardening, floral art, and photography.

It is this combination of creative outlets that keeps me growing both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for all things floral with you!

See more of Emily’s work @fleuropean

Emily Avenson, Fleuropean

Natalia – Flower Lover Art

I started photographing flower still lifes 18 months ago. This is my way to convey beauty and harmony, to create a sense of peace and tranquility around me. I am inspired by the floral still lifes by the Dutch masters of the 17th century.

I like to combine a wide variety of flowers in one bouquet – our local garden flowers, along with varietal flowers brought from other countries, and complemented with simple wildflowers.

They are very harmoniously combined together and emphasize the beauty of each other. I love to shoot flowers in a classic style with lots of details that are fun to see.

Click here to follow Natalia’s work on Instagram @flower_lover_art

Image: Flower Lover Art
Image: Flower Lover Art

Lucy Hunter, The Flower Hunter

I have spent a lifetime designing gardens, floral art and most recently discovered a passion for photography. My work seems to be constantly looking at ways in which we can soften and meld the boundaries between the inside and out. Capturing for a moment the fine and transitory shifts in nature, the light of the changing seasons and always, colour, form and composition.

When I am not travelling, I retreat to my own, invariably interwined garden and studio in the mountains in North Wales, UK. Here I design, teach and have a constant ongoing dialogue with the weeds in my garden. My first book, ‘The Flower Hunter’ published by Ryland, Peters and Small and distributed by Hardie Grant in Australia is available from 12th October 2021.

Follow Lucy’s journey here @lucytheflowerhunter

Image: Lucy Hunter
Image: Lucy Hunter

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