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A Day In The Life Of Chelsea Healey, Head of Brand & Community at Luxury Escapes

What is it really like working for a luxury travel company? As far as jobs go it seems to tick a lot of boxes for us! And while 2020 may have slowed down our travel plans a little, to be able to combine your career with a life of travel seems like a pretty great wat to spend your 9 to 5. We were fascinated to catch up with Chelsea Healey, Head of Brand & Community at Luxury Escapes, to find out what a typical day in her life looks like.

Morning Routine

I have to admit I’ve dipped in and out over the last few years from highly motivated, up at 5.30am running around the harbour bridge to putting my make-up on in the Uber in back to back traffic down Chapel Street because I’ve snoozed my alarm too many times wondering if I’ll make the first meeting without rushing in like a hot mess.

I sometimes have to pinch myself on the job I’ve landed – over the last two years I have travelled to over 13 countries across five continents for work, I’m not going to be one of those people who says travelling for work is not as glamourous as it looks (it totally is) but it does take a long-term toll on your health and routine. For me, a positive biproduct of COVID has been a re-shift in looking after myself and an emphasis on routine. Being on the hamster wheel can be exhilarating especially for my personality type, but we too often forget the simple necessities we as human beings need to thrive.

Chelsea visiting Morocco
Chelsea with local children, Kenya

My current morning routine consists of an early morning Pilates session either in the park or currently with our instructor over Zoom. I’ll normally then try to shower and pop some form of a face on as I dial into my 9am team call (somethings never change). I always have to start the working day with a kombucha – Remedy do an epic energy version with caffeine –winning!

I am my most productive in the morning – not always ideal when you’re fond of a good glass of red the night before but I often find what I was stewing over for three hours the afternoon prior I can knock out in 30-minute first thing in the morning, so I’ll try to block out my diary and ‘eat the green frogs’ – first thing in the day.  

During the Day Routine  

The rest of the day is normally a balance (continued effort to be anyway) of external meetings with partners or agencies and working with our internal teams to develop new plans for world domination. 

A taste of today – we met with our Google team on best creative practice, Customer Leadership Team met to understand the new vertical changes for a mega and exciting project launch later this year, WIP’d with our incredible PR team on our upcoming Travel Tribe influencer program and worked with our content team on a Gourmet Traveller partnership brief.

I moved to Port Melbourne earlier this year so if the sun is out I’ll try to pop on the runners and go for a walk across the beach to get out of the house. Usually either listening to the Times The Daily podcast or some form of boss woman rap music –there doesn’t seem to be much in-between. It’s such a luxury working from home and being able to make time for these things again, I can’t see myself ever going back to the office 5 days a week.

Evening Routine 

I spend half the week at my place in Port Melbourne and half the week at my partner’s house in Northcote, so I was truly lucky during stage 4 lock-down (in Melbourne) to have such variety and to break up the week. I normally use the time at home to be more regimented and working from home also comes with temptation to continue working through, but my partner and I love our food and wine (any excuse) so when I’m Northside it’s a little more indulgent. I’m very fortunate he’s a fabulous cook and so a normal night after closing the laptop would consist of decanting a bottle of well-structured Italian red and some type of homemade pasta dish, far too often… but hey the city we love so much has been closed and in the words of Marie Kondo this very much sparks joy right now.

About Chelsea

When it comes to her career, Chelsea has forged a unique and diverse path. At just 18 years old, she founded the Green Room Nutrition Bar. The venture exposed not only her talent, but love for brand creation and marketing, and saw her awarded Tasmania’s Entrepreneur of the Year. 18 months later Healey sold the business and launched Raw Street – a Sydney based creative agency that works with startups both domestically and internationally.

Flash forward a few short years and Chelsea is now Head of Brand & Community at Luxury Escapes, Australia’s fastest growing travel company where she manages brand, marketing and activation strategies, and has been instrumental in forming high-level collaborations with brands such as Qantas, American Express, Nikon and Singapore Airlines. Known for being at the forefront of travel marketing, Healey was listed as a finalist in last year’s prestigious B&T 30 under 30 awards.

Never one to sit still, Healey’s passion for non-profit work enables her to use her marketing skills as a force for good in her position as a board member for viral mental health charities OneWave and Waves of Wellness.

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