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A Day In The Life Of Sam Wood, Bachelor Alumni And Founder Of 28 By Sam Wood

Many of us witnessed Sam and Snezana falling in love on the Bachelor in 2015, 6 years and 2 more beautiful children later, we catch up with Sam to find out what a day in his life is like balancing his busy family life and thriving training and lifestyle business, 28 by Sam Wood.

Morning Routine

For me, mornings are bliss. They are a perfect blend of exercise, fresh-air, getting my thoughts and ideas in order for the day and spending quality time with my beautiful kids. I usually start my day with a run with one of the girls in the pram and my Labrador Hendrix, followed by a beautifully chaotic family breakfast. Snez and I then make sure Evie is set up for the day as she is remote learning and then I get myself ready to work. Exercise, some fresh air, a smoothie and a coffee all set me up to feel focused and energised. For me, the hours before midday are what I call my power hours and that’s definitely when my best work gets done.

During the Day Routine

This is always a bit different, particularly now working from home. I try to juggle my 28 work, calls, team check-ins and zoom meetings with spending some quality time with Snez and the kids. I usually squeeze in an hour of play outside while the kids run around in their little cubby house. For me, it’s about scheduling in one or two hour blocks of concentrated work time around my meetings so that by four or five o’clock it’s been a very productive day.

Evening Routine

In our house it’s definitely always an early dinner with the two little ones… in fact it feels like it’s getting earlier by the day. My evening routine is all about winding down and currently I’m really enjoying some nice reflection time with Willow. We have a spa bath together where she tells me about her day. Then, we get the kids to bed as quickly as we can so that Snez and I can spend some really nice quality time together with some peace and quiet. This usually involves a glass of wine by the open fire and lots of laughs.

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