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A Day In The Life Of Libby Babet – Business Founder, Celebrity Wellness Expert & Trainer

Celebrity wellness expert & Biggest Loser trainer, Libby entered the health & fitness world after discovering she had chronic hypertension (blood pressure three times the normal level). Libby reversed these numbers with a lifestyle overhaul. She is a the founder of The Upbeat, Chief Bar and Beauty Food. We catch up with her to find out what a day in her life looks like.


Most days start at 4:30am to get up, prep and then run classes at The Upbeat. It sounds like a shameless plug but I honestly wouldn’t make it through the morning if not for my products Chief Bar and Beauty Food – I lead the classes which means I’m working out for hours straight and need something light that’s high in nutrients to get me through to breakfast, so I’m incredibly grateful for our Chief Collagen Bars and Beauty Food cookies which I eat daily!

I usually finish up around 8:30am, clean the gym, shower and then have a quick bite of breakfast. If I have time I’ll make something high protein (e.g. eggs), lots of greens and good fats to keep me going through the day. If I’m stretched for time this might mean a smoothie!

During the day

After breakfast it’s either a work day or a day with my daughter Izzy on the days she’s not in day care. On work days, I’m head down on team management, customer service, marketing, meetings, collaborations, shooting video content, clearing emails (which I’m terrible at), planning and generally trying to fit everything into my 3 days that Izzy is at daycare!

On my Izzy days I plan fun adventures and off we go together! The hardest days are when I have to combine work + Izzy, for example if she’s sick or I have a big project due and have to work a little while she’s home… those are days I dread, I like to keep things separate!


Izzy comes home with my husband Justin around 5:30pm. Sometimes I’ll be running classes until 8pm in which case it’s dinner, shower and straight to bed by 8:30pm! If I’m not running classes I’ve got a little more family time to cook, bath Izzy, read lots of books and then off to bed. Izzy shares our bed these days as it’s just easier for me to manage her ups and downs when I’m up so early in the morning myself. I used to worry about that but now I’ve realised so many people do exactly the same!

To find out more about Libby, visit her website here or head to her Instagram here.

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