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Creating The Perfect Mermaid Hair Wave

If you are like us, working from home and social distancing, boredom can begin to set in pretty quickly, and while no one may actually see you for the next few weeks (or months!) this is the perfect time to try out some different hairstyles before you head back in to the real world.

We love the Mermade Hair styler, inspired by the beachy, mermaid-esque tresses that have taking over Insta-feeds and catwalks around the world, it is the original hair tool, loved by celebs, that is the easiest and most effective way to create gorgeous, wavy hair.

A little bit like a cross between a hair straightener, a curling wand and an old school crimper, it features three perfectly portioned, oversized barrels that give the ultimate wave every time, regardless of hair length and your skill level.

It’s so easy to use, you just place the hair between the barrels and clamp down and that’s it – you have easy waves that look like you have gone to a lot of effort! And while it may just be your nearest and dearest (or your colleagues and clients over video conference) that actually see you at the moment, having great hair can make you feel that little bit better about the world.

Shop it here.

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