ELE Art & Culture: Lights and Magic – Future World at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore

The permanent high-tech Future World exhibition at Singapore’s stunning ArtScience Museum should be on every ‘must-do’ list when visiting this wonderful city.

Both adults and children will delight in the exhibition, with five rooms themed around nature, park, space, sanctuary and town – each filled with light and sound to take you on a full sensory journey.

Entering the exhibition you are immediately immersed in a dark room surrounded by butterflies and flowers in motion all over the walls, floor and roof. Each themed room following is equally spectacular taking you away from the every day and into an alternate world filled with sound, light and beauty.

Our highlight of the exhibition is the space themed room; a tunnel winding through pulsing lights and melodic sounds that is truly breathtaking and every instagrammers dream ( trust us trying to get a clear shot without every other insta famous person and their camera is pretty difficult!).

There are other permanent and temporary exhibitions to see at the museum and the building itself is wonderfully impressive, an architectural feat that looks like a giant white lotus flower coming out of the ground. It is located at the Marina Bay Sands which is home to an impressive shopping centre that is perfectly located to grab a quick bite to eat before or after the museum visit.

For more details including prices and opening times visit here.

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