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ELE Health & Beauty: What Alex Tried – Brow Shaping

By Alex Garlan

If brows are supposed to be sisters not twins then my brows are cousins. My last brow wax was when I was 16 and I’ve just been lazily plucking them and filling them in with a brow pencil for special occasions.

This week I finally took the plunge and booked a Brow Shaping appointment at Melbourne salon Shaep whose Instagram is filled with fancy Instagram influencers, but somehow I managed to snag an appointment. The appointment took about 45 mins, Jess silently judged my lack of brow upkeep while using some sort of Pythagorean theorem to draw lines all over my face to show where my brows SHOULD be (Hint: its not where they are).

After the shocking revelation that my brows should be much closer together than they are, and also that one is higher than the other and I had never noticed, Jess waxed my brows into a better shape. I haven’t had my brows waxed in about 12 years so I was pretty sure my eyes were never going to open again after the trauma, but I came out the other side because I’m a very brave girl and yes, I would like a lollipop.

Jess proceeded to tint my brows into the shape that they should be, tell me not to wet them for 24 hours and finally she showed me my reflection in the mirror. It was at this point that I pledged Jess my firstborn child, all of my money, and she knew she had a customer for life. I cannot accurately sum up how good my brows are after this shaping, so I will leave that to my best friend, Andrew:

The Details:

Where: Shaep, Armadale

Service: Brow Shaping

Cost: $70 ($50 first appointment shaping, $20 tint)

Pain: 5/10

Would I go again? Yes, duh look at my face!

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  1. They look fabulous!

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