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ELE Health & Beauty: Alex Reviews IT Cosmetics Cult CC+ Cream

By Alex Garlan, Health & Beauty Writer

Why is everyone in my life using IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream and is it actually as good as they say? This is a question I have been asking myself daily for the last few weeks. This week I finally caved and shelled out $61 at Sephora for a tube of what is apparently a life-changing foundation.

IT Cosmetics tags this product as ‘developed with Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists’ and apparently it replaces 7 products in your beauty regime, but before I even get into any of that I have to clarify what the frick even is a CC cream and what’s the difference between a BB Cream and a CC Cream. A BB Cream is makeup with skincare components, a CC Cream is makeup with skincare AND anti-aging. Ta-dah!

No makeup

So this particular CC Cream claims to contain your foundation, colour corrector, hydrating serum, anti-aging serum, primer, concealer and moisturising day cream, which tbh seems a bit dumb, nothing can do all of those things amazingly. Ultimately I think it just replaces your primer, sunscreen and foundation.

I was impressed with the shade range of the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream, however I would recommend trying this product in store before you buy it as there are several shades and undertones and it can all get a bit complicated, so just go in and rub it on ya neck and see how you feel.

With CC+ Cream

I applied this using a beauty blender and was DELIGHTED by how buildable it is. There are some days where I want a light finish, and others where my skin is playing up and I want something with more coverage, and so to have all of that in one product is the dreaaaammmm. Obviously if you want to take full advantage of the SPF 50+ Physical Sunscreen you will want a heavy hand with your application, but if you’re wearing additional sunscreen underneath you can apply a thinner veil.

My biggest point of curiosity with this product was after seeing @ms_hannah_e reapplying her sunscreen over the top of this with very minimal effect on the CC+ cream. To try to replicate this I’ve placed an order for Ultra Violette’s Screen Queen and will let you all know how I go.

After seeing a photo of myself posted on someone else’s instagram account I was deeply confronted by how cakey my makeup looked, so I went into this trial looking for a product that would have staying power without a setting powder. This CC+ Cream has delivered that. I find it hydrating, buildable, and definitely not cakey, I definitely think that if you plan on taking it into the night that it could use a touch up, but for a work day it’s definitely good enough. 

Would recommend. Get around it.

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