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ELE Health & Beauty: Alex Reviews – Physical Sunscreens

By Alex Garlan, ELE Health & Beauty Writer

The difference between physical and chemical sunscreens seems overwhelming but is actually quite simple; physical sunscreens sit on your skin and create a barrier between UV rays and your epidermis, while chemical sunscreens sit both within and on the skin and absorb UV before it penetrates your skin.

As someone who uses a lot of different products on my skin I ensure every day that I am protecting it properly by using a physical sunscreen (chemical sunscreens offer great protection, particularly if you’re going into the water, but they are often more harsh on sensitive skin). So over the last eight months I have been busy trialling four of the most popular physical sunscreens on the market.

1. Go-To – Zincredible Tinted SPF 15

When Go-To first bought out Zincredible we were all surprised that it was only SPF 15, but Go-To have spent a lot of time pointing out that 15 is an appropriate amount for a normal day if you have work or uni indoors and aren’t playing an outdoor sport or hiking.

I find the tint is enough to even out my skin tone so I just pop a powder and some bronzer over the top for my everyday look. I’ve rebought this product quite a few times, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, especially since Go-To are now in Mecca and it’s a much quicker purchase after I’ve run out that morning.

2. Invisible Zinc – Facial Moisturiser SPF 30

This was the first physical sunscreen that I started using a few years ago, I’ve also used the SPF 50 Face and Body Sunscreen and the two products feel virtually identical to me. Invisible Zinc works fine under daily makeup, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving the house with just this facial moisturiser on, the white cast from this product can leave you looking a little ghosty, but that’s still better than a little burnt!

Invisible Zinc is a very accessible product range, both in pricing and availability. It can be picked up from your local pharmacy for about $28 AUD.

3. Ultra-Violette – Clean Screen Mattifying Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

This sunscreen goes under makeup SO BLOODY WELL, like give it a couple of mins to dry but my goodness it is very good. I use this on weekends because I’m typically outdoors a smidge more than on a weekday.

I genuinely feel like if Ultra Violette bought this out in a tinted version it would be my new everyday. Everytime I use it I fall deeper and deeper in love with it. Fair warning, it leaves a bit of a white cast, but if you’re using something over the top it doesn’t shine through. Such a winner of a product.

4. La Roche Posay – Anthelios XL SPF 50

I’ve only hated one sunscreen more than this and it was the Anthelios Dry Touch SPF. Honestly they are trash, don’t buy these, you will be so disappointed. The milk doesn’t give enough coverage for me to trust the SPF50 rating, it’s a bitch to put on, and the tints aren’t as good as their other products. I had such high hopes for this and it disappointed massively. BOO!

I hope this makes it a little easier to protect your skin as we head into another steaming hot Southern Hemisphere summer, and transition seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

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