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Five of the Best Products for Beautiful Hair

Who doesn’t love beautiful, bouncy, shiny hair in perfect condition? In reality though for most of us achieving that ‘just visited the salon’ look requires some serious dedication.

Lifestyle habits, pregnancy, age, diet, lack of sleep and stress can all take their toll on our locks. These are some of our favourite products to keep hair in its very best condition. Note that some of these are quite expensive but our theory is to buy fewer, better quality products less often and treat our hair to a little nourishment.

1. Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon

This cult product from French hair guru to the A-list, Christophe Robin, is one of the best cleansing hair masks we have ever used. It thoroughly cleanses hair to leave it nourished and radiant, rebalances pH levels and leaves it beautifully refreshed. It isn’t cheap, but used once a week it lasts for quite a while and we think it is worth it to keep locks in great condition.

2. Olaplex Hair Protector No 3

his at home bond builder works to repair damaged strands and restore strength and health to hair. It works on all types of hair and really is the gold standard of at home hair repair treatments.

3. Kerastase Densifique Fondant Densite

This lightweight, silky conditioner replenishes and detangles hair to leave it light, bouncy and perfectly conditioned. This range from Kerastase is a must-have to keep hair in beautiful condition without weighing it down.

4. Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo

Luxury Haircare at its best, Oribe blonde shampoo corrects brassy and yellow tones and illuminates blonde hair, leaving it looking lit from within. The added bonus is how good Oribe products look on your bathroom shelf.

5. Organic Coconut Oil

The perfect all rounder product. Natural, organic and inexpensive coconut oil deeply nourishes locks and moisturises and conditions all while smelling like you have spent a week on a tropical island. We use it every other week and leave on as a mask (preferably overnight) before washing out for seriously well conditioned, great-smelling locks.

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