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ELE Interview: Taking Five with Kody and Kelly, Positravelty

Sun-drenched locations, lustworthy travel experiences, a positive outlook on life and an infectious love for one another, full-time wanderers Kody and Kelly from Positravelty give us some serious good vibes and inspire our lust for travel to far-flung destinations.

Whether it’s bathing in waterfalls in Bali, laying poolside in South Africa or trekking in Norway, their beautiful Instagram images never fail to delight us. We take five with them this week to find out more.

Where is your favourite travel destination and why?

Indonesia because we like countries that offer a lot of diversity and it checks the box on a tine of our interests. It has healthy food, friendly locals, diving, hiking, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, sunny weather and waterfalls.

What is your favourites recipe to cook at home?

Curried mash potato and spicy roasted chickpeas with jalapeño mint sauce.

What cant you live without in the garden?

Avocado, hands down.






What inspires you?

Our inspiration comes from many different avenues.  Exploring new destinations, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, photography and collaborations with other creative minds all inspire us.  Our curiosity for the world seems to grow as we continue to explore.

Describe your perfect day.

Our perfect day would be an early morning hike followed by a relaxing afternoon at a secluded beach with fresh, cold coconuts.  Calorie-less ice cream would have just been invented, foot massages and a glass of wine in a jacuzzi to end a mosquito free evening.

To see more of Kody and Kelly’s beautiful images and travels, follow them on Instagram here.

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  1. Gosh you both look gorgeous! These posts are to live for! ♡

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