ELE Shop: Classic French Style (and how to get it)

There is something so effortless about classic French style. Looking stylish without being overdone is no easy feat. On a recent trip to Paris, these are some of the things we observed about Parisian women’s fashion:

1. French women have a very natural approach to hair. Simple, classic, shoulder to mid-length looks with clean and perfectly tousled styling. No bleach, only subtle highlights and definitely no hair extensions. 

2. No active wear- it was rare to see any  Parisian women in any form of Lycra on the streets (however they are mostly all slim!)

3. There was a lot of print fabrics – on skirts, shirts and dresses, but the prints were small and subtle, not loud or garish. 

4. Simple red lipstick, clean skin and mascara was the typical beauty look. Definitely no fake tan or false lashes.

5. White trainers or ballet flats covered the feet of nearly every women we saw, with only very few in heels (classic beige or black pumps).

The basics of any French wardrobe centre around neutral colours and luxurious fabrics. We have collated some of our favourite pieces below to invest in to give you that classic French style. Or if all else fails, get yourself a cute dog – that was definitely the most popular accessory on the streets of the French capital! 

A.P.C Greta Trench

A.P.C Maja Print Dress
Eric Bompard Navy Cashmere Sweater

Kit and Ace Crew Tee at The Iconic
Kit and Ace Crew Tee at The Iconic
Marc Jacobs Le Marc Creme Lip Colour
Princesse Tam Tam Monica Bustier Bra
Repetto Cendrillion Patent Hermine Taupe Ballerina Flat 

Massimo Dutti Cropped Black Pants
The Finery White Shirt at The Iconic

Sambag Johnson Black Leather Crossbody Bag

Beulah London Sophia Scarf

Stripe Tee at The Iconic
Stella McCartney Ingrid Black Tuxedo Jacket

French Style by Berenice Vila Baudry

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