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Every Fake Tanning Mistake I’ve Ever Made

Alex shares her fake tanning mistakes and top tips to get your fake tan right every time.

Hello and welcome to my shame.

Fake tanning is a double-edged sword, on one side is a seemingly instantly toned body, on the other is a skin tone that borders on leather. I have lived both sides of this, and as a reformed tan-aholic, I felt it’s best to share my wisdom with you this holiday season.

My Top 5 Tips For Tanning:

1. No More Than Two Shades Darker

I am naturally pale, like ‘you-can-see-my-veins’ pale, so the first lesson I had to learn about tanning was that anything past light-medium is gonna look SUPER WEIRD on me. Remember, you can only really go two foundation shades darker than you currently are before it gets uncomfortable to look back on in facebook memories.

2. Own Tan Eraser

‘Oh but it just comes off after a few days’, I can hear you saying to yourself. Wrong. I have been ten days into a fake tan where I’ve scrubbed layers of my skin off before that tan is budging (the brand was Eco Tan, and the colour was amazing). My recommended tan eraser is Bondi Sands, you can grab it at Priceline, and sure it smells like bleach, but it’s better than that weird patch of white skin you get around your inner elbow after eight days.

3. Have A Tan Foundation

I use a travel-sized IT CC+ Cream because no matter how much bronzer you apply you cannot make up two shades difference in your foundation. Also if you don’t need a tan foundation, then your regular foundation is the wrong colour, and I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

4. Be VERY Clear With The Tanner

The person holding the spray tan gun holds the key to whether or not your event photos are instagrammable. Just because you say medium doesn’t mean that they know what medium looks like to you, bring in your tan foundation, or a reference photo of a tan you’ve been before. Help them to help you.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Home Tan

An intimidating teen once told me that b.tan Gradual Tan was the best at home tan so I bought two tubes (back when it came in tubes) and TBH she was correct. Mostly because it isn’t at all gradual, I can put this on twice, and I look less Casper the Ghost and more ‘Look, Papa, I’m a Real Boy!’ AKA perfect for taking the shine off in pics. It’s still my ride or die at-home tan product.

b.tan taking the shine off while looking super natural. This is 2 coats.

Have you made any tanning mistakes or have any other tanning tips? I’d love to hear about them, let me know in the comments below!

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