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Four Of Our Favourite Low-Cost Skincare Brands

Low-cost doesn’t have to mean low-quality. If you’re like me and trying to keep your skin healthy on a budget then you’re looking for products with the active ingredients you need at an affordable price.

There are so many low-cost skincare brands on the market; it’s hard to know which ones you can trust. I’m going to take you through a few of my favourites so you can ditch your supermarket scrub for something that won’t damage your skin. Seriously, stop using that scrub right now.


Available at any pharmacy this brand’s Gentle Skin Cleanser is a game-changer. Aussie Dermatologists frequently recommend it for people with sensitive skin; this was a lifesaver for me when I got terrible adult acne. Also, Kim Kardashian West uses this brand, and she’s RICH rich, so you know it’s got the goods.


CeraVe Moisturising Lotion

Cerave might seem like the obvious choice to most of our US readers, but it’s new to our Aussie shores (and we don’t have the full product range yet). Cerave has a wide range of reasonably priced products for any skin type. The Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturising Lotion are both great products for those with dehydrated skin who are looking to repair their skin barrier.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary is fantastic for those who know what actives they need and who aren’t afraid of an extra step or two in their regime. Long-time readers first-time callers will know that I am obsessed with their Niacinamide and Zinc formulation, but The Ordinary is also well known for their retinol products and their peptide-filled serum ‘Buffet‘.

Paula’s Choice

Probably the most expensive option on this list, Paula’s Choice is for those who are serious about skincare but recognise that price doesn’t always equal quality and these mid-range items can save some serious money in the long run. Paula’s BHA serum is famous for those with oily skin who are looking to control sebum production and though the price tag is a bit more than some of the other brands in this list, PC products last a long time and the cost/use is very reasonable.

In summary, please stop buying St Ives scrub, any brand of nose strip and any kind of single-use makeup wipes, there are affordable options on the market for quality skincare products.

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