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How To Create A Spa Style Bathroom In Your Home

With spas and hotels currently closed across the globe, there’s no better time than now to create your own peaceful sanctuary at home for relaxation and pampering that will nourish your mind, body and soul.

Award-winning interior designer Di Henshall spoke with us about how you can transform your bathroom into a retreat for your senses. Situated in the spa-haven of Noosa, Di has over thirty years of interior design experience and a knack for creating luxurious spaces with custom-furniture designs manufactured in her Noosa factory.

Here are the tips she shared with ele.

Q. What do you see as the defining elements of the spa bathroom look?

There is something fabulous about greenery in a bathroom. It draws you into a tropical, spa environment. Faux plants are now so beautifully made that no one needs to worry about watering or insects! 

Lighting is of paramount importance in a bathroom. This is a specialty where you really need professional advice to get it right.  

A bathtub is a must if you’re wanting the spa look. You don’t have to have a freestanding tub, but a generous hob around a drop-in bath will allow you to accessorise to achieve the optimum look.

Adding timber details accentuates the spa bathroom style, which you can do in simple ways, like with timber shelving or accessories. If you’re lucky, you can add a steam shower or sauna for the ultimate spa experience at home.

Q. Your top tips for people wanting to work this style into their own bathroom?

Look at the lighting. Can it be changed or enhanced? Add soft, fluffy towels and aromatic elements such as soaps, candles or diffusers, as well as a chair or stool.

Be sure to curate the look you wish to achieve before going out and buying things in a haphazard manner. It all comes down to planning and execution.

Q. What layout works best for a spa bathroom?  

To get a cool spa look you don’t need a lot of space. Using the elements above is more important than layout.  Bathroom layouts are rarely able to be changed retrospectively because of plumbing set-outs.

Q. Artwork: yay or nay? What type of artwork looks best in a spa style bathroom?  

Artwork in bathrooms always looks good. Be careful about what you install, considering steam and lack of ventilation. Artworks that include luxurious subject matter, such as tropical scenes, or semi-naked faces or bodies in beautiful environments sets the right tone.

Q. Any tips for vanities? 

Keep vanities up off the floor with a deep recessed kick board to make the space feel bigger.  Don’t clutter them up with cosmetics and toiletries! I recommend finding some good storage solutions instead.

Q. What colour scheme works best? 

White will never go out. It is the quintessential answer to timelessness. By adding all the features we’ve mentioned, white will never be boring or get dated. You can add interest with contrasting paint colours, towels and accessories.

Q. Lighting that achieves a relaxing aesthetic?

Add to the ambience of your space with indirect lighting, set within vanities or low level lights near the bath.

Q. How do you use plants when styling for a spa effect?  

You can hang plants from the ceiling, drape them over the edge of overhead shelving or shaving cabinets, or pop them in a corner or on a bath hob for a beautiful, calming effect.

Q. Let’s talk showers heads. Any recommendations?  

Shower heads are definitely a personal preference. It really depends on what you want from a shower. A lot of women do not like rain head showers as they don’t want to get their hair wet. Some shower heads have pulse and power spray options, it really depends on what you like. Talking to your plumbing supply company expert will help you decide what product to buy.

Q. Have you got a favourite bathroom you styled? Tell us about it. 

Yes, I’ve got a few. I did one many years ago with a spa style in mind. Even though it’s been a while since I worked on it, it’s still one of my favourite bathroom projects.

Q. Favourite spas to indulge in at the Sunshine Coast?

There are many, all of them are excellent. But, you can mimic a spa experience at home if you set up the scene just like they do in day spas — with soft music, soft lighting, aromatic smells, soft towels, and allocated time with no interruptions.

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