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The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

When the day spa is closed, sometimes you have no other option than to bring the luxury to you. I’ve written out a simple guide to creating a spa-like treatment in your own home.

Setting the Tone

The first step will always be ambience, you’ll want a soothing Spotify playlist, we recommend this one:

You’ll want to light a delicious scented candle; you can never go wrong with Diptyque’s Jasmin range, and if you’re a wine lover, then I am obsessed with Little Reddie. If an Aussie sommelier calls a wine ‘totally smashable’ then you buy a bottle – I don’t make the rules!

A Bubble Bath

Give your face a quick cleanse and then let yourself soak in a bubble bath, you’ll obviously want bath bombs, oil or salts – dealers choice.

I also love to apply a cheeky sheet mask, the Aceology gel masks are an absolute treat. The cool gel on your face in a warm bath is delicious.

Now is a good time to do some quiet breathing, or if you’re more of an active spa-participant I’d recommend lounging in the tub with the aforementioned wine and a good book.

The Facial

After your bath you might want to give your skin another cleanse, depending on if you masked or not. If you do, remember it’s a spa day so make sure you’re treating yourself, grab your favourite cleanser – if it isn’t your usual. I’m partial to Murad’s 4-in-1.

Next up, you’ll want to exfoliate your skin, we recommend a chemical exfoliant, there are several options but a cheeky workaround is a Go-To Exfoliating Swipey, it’s already a pre-soaked pad.

Next up are your serums, this will depend on your skin type, but antioxidants and Vitamin B’s and C’s are always a good idea. Even better, make sure you’re using a Gua Sha tool afterwards to give yourself a massage.

Finally, a moisturiser. If, like me, you aren’t on a La Mer budget then consider the cult classic Aspect Phytostat 9, it’s a favourite of our editor, MJ.

The final step of the spa treatment is up to you, maybe a it’s a nap? Or finishing that red? Potentially even a Netflix binge! To quote Donna and Tom ‘Treat yo self!’

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