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Isolation Beauty Experiments – What To Try At Home

Much like everyone else, the ELE team are going a bit stir crazy in isolation. I, personally, have been spending a lot of my time on TikTok pretending to be young. My favourite thing on there is @bradmondo reviewing at-home dye jobs. But for those of us less open to dramatic hair changes during isolation, these are some fun beauty experiments you can do at home that won’t have a lasting effect.

Learn to Dutch Braid

Dutch Braids (akin to Cornrows) are an inverse version of a french braid. Where a French Braid sits flat, Dutch Braids sit atop the hair. The difference between Cornrows and Dutch Braids appears to be in the weaving technique. Where Cornrows sit tight to the head, Dutch Braids are typically braided at an angle to increase volume, and so they sit off the head more.

Pencil Curl Your Hair

Have you got several hours and always wanted to know what you’d look like with spiral curls? Have I got the tutorial for you! All you’ll need is a wooden pencil, a straightener and some heat protection spray.

Make-Up Tutorials

Have you always wanted to know how to do a cut crease? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of perfecting the smokey eye? Learning how to apply false lashes? There is no end to the list of make-up tutorials online, plus who’s going to see you if you mess it up?

At-Home Hair Masks

Hair Masking is a lot of fun, and when I have the time I can’t go past evo’s protein treatment. But what if you’re on a budget or want to do something right now? Melissa Denise has a great tutorial showing you four simple at-home hair masks that will help hydrate your mane

What are you doing to stave off the boredom at home?

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