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3 Of The Best Meditation Apps

By Leanne Shelton

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation – especially when feeling overwhelmed. Clearing your mind and calmly breathing can help reduce stress, blood pressure, and chronic pain.

However, completely switching your mind off isn’t easy. After all, thinking is what it is programmed to do.

If you’re eager to give meditation a go, there are various apps out there to help you build the habit and learn new techniques.  

Here are 3 of our favourites currently available.

1. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is my personal favourite and comes highly recommended by experts. The app features a broad range of meditation sessions run by experienced mindfulness teachers. 

It allows you to choose a guided meditation based on the length or style (such as abundance, relaxation, and motivation) to suit your mood. You can also set a timer and tune in without guidance. There are a range of meditation sessions for kids as well.

I particularly love the extensive access to sessions on the free version.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

2. Calm

Calm offers a range of guided sessions, including stress, sleep, and personal growth. New meditations are added regularly and progress trackers help keep you…well, on track.

There are 7 day and 21 day programs available for beginners, such as ‘7 days of soothing pain’ and ‘21 days of calm’, however there’s limited access on the free version.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

3. Headspace

Headspace is a well-known and popular meditation app – but it’s also one of the priciest. 

Featuring hundreds of guided meditations, sleep sounds, and animations to help beginners understand meditation a bit better, Headspace also caters to the kids.

The app offers statistics such as your average meditation time and total sessions completed. You can also add up to five friends as meditation buddies.

Cost: Limited access on free version. Otherwise, $19.99/month (or $149.99/year)

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

I wish you all the best in your meditation journey!

Leanne Shelton is a health and wellness copywriter and content coach at Write Time Marketing. (

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