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Jingle Juice

Recipe by Isagenix


Looking for a refreshing drink to cool down with this Christmas that is also packed full of goodness? Isagenix has you covered with its delicious Jingle Juice. It is simple to make and is a great addition to a festive lunch or party to give guests a delicious alcohol-free option.

Note: this recipe is for ages 16+

4 scoops Juicy Orange AMPED™ Hydrate or 4 scoops Lemon Lime AMPED™ Hydrate (or 2 scoops of each)

1 cup cranberry juice

1 cup cranberries

1 lemon, sliced

1 orange, sliced

4 cups sparkling water


Mix all ingredients in a large punch bowl with ice. Stir until fully dissolved. Serve and enjoy!

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