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Koko Black and Black Star Pastry’s Meteor Cake

Today is world chocolate day and two of Australia’s most loved dessert brands, Koko Black and Black Star Pastry have joined forces to celebrate World Chocolate Day with a release of a limited edition creation, the Meteor Cake

The Meteor Cake

The Cake

Resting on a bed of dark chocolate financier and cocoa nibs, luscious layers of caramel chocolate, Muscovado sponge, hazelnut cremeux, a gravity defying chocolate mousse, and praline crunch, the Meteor Cake is delicately balanced to produce a combination of chocolatey goodness of galactic proportions. 

Sitting atop the Meteor Cake, a flying meteor is formed from hazelnut truffle and a coat of black cocoa nibs, complete with a blazing Sao Thome chocolate flame and crumbled cocoa nib rubble. From the lower layer of praline crunch, reminiscent of the textures of the moon, to the carved jet-stream of chocolate that brings the meteor’s crashing effect to life, the Meteor Cake is an explosion of flavours. 

The Collaboration

The collaboration saw Koko Black Head Chocolatier Remco Brigou and Black Star’s Group Head Pastry Chef Arnaud Vodounou team up to create something quintessentially indulgent and decadent, yet silky and light.

Brigou said, “The key for both Arnaud and I when developing the concept for the cake was for it to feel like a true collaboration, so the cake is made from a premium selection of our Koko Black chocolate, including our indulgent 70% Sao Thome single origin chocolate and hazelnut praline, creatively spun into a signature Black Star Pastry masterpiece.” 

Vodounou added, “Partnering with Koko Black for this very special World Chocolate Day creation has allowed Remco and I to combine the best of both of our experiences and knowledge of chocolate and ingredients to create an out-of-this-world dessert for our customers to devour.” 

How To Get It

The Meteor Cake will be available in limited supply to purchase as individual slices ($15) at selected Koko Black and Black Star Pastry stores in Sydney and Koko Black stores in Melbourne on 7 July until sold out. 

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