Live: Peony Season

It is peony season in Australia which means an abundant of these beautiful blooms in the cooler southern states. Peonies only bloom for a fleeting moment between late October and early December (in the Southern Hemisphere) and can be tricky to grow, not flowering until 4-5 years after they are planted. But when they do flower they are magnificent and are the perfect centrepiece for any bouquet or floral arrangement. All of these flowers were grown locally and were sold at farms or on the side of the road in the countryside for only $5 a bunch. 

8 comments on “Live: Peony Season

  1. I miss peonies and summer. It is so cold here in Minnesota! Thanks for the little bit of spring!!!

  2. My favourite flower. Stunning!

  3. my favourite too!! love them so much.

  4. Easily my favourite flowers and I’m hoping to see some as we head to Melbourne on 22 Dec.

  5. The photos are amazing!

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