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Product Pick of the Week – ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream

We review the ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream and find out if this New Zealand pro-aging cream can compete with other night creams that are twice the price.

ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream

What They Say

The ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream is a super-hydrating, soothing and rich night cream that works wonders while you are sleeping. The scientifically backed formula heroes its own trio of nature’s best – East Cape mānuka oil, rosehip oil, and aloe vera. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, the aloe vera soothes skin and provides daily essential hydration. That, combined with East Cape mānuka oil, which works synergistically to boost the effectiveness of rosehip oil, which works to repair and keep skin elasticity intact while helping reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots while boosting collagen production. The gentle yet powerful cream with nocturnal nourishing powers is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

What We Say

In a sea of beauty products the ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream truly stands out. The rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties helped to calm our reviewer Anna’s skin and deeply nourish it, so much so that she skipped her usual facial oil application. This night cream won Anna over by providing soothing hydration and effectively addressing various skin concerns including dryness. In her own words ‘I loved it for its ability to leave my skin feeling soothed, refreshed and clearer, and somehow less red. I’ll use this in my nightly skincare routine ongoing, particularly when I need a hit of hydration- which is all the time in winter!’. The product didn’t cause any breakouts or irritation and provided hydration that could still be felt the following day. Plus the price! With many night creams costing north of $100, this cream delivers the same results at half the price.

If performance and price aren’t enough, this night cream contains East Cape mānuka oil which is grown sustainably grown and supports the local economy, providing employment, fair land use and environmental regeneration through native mānuka planting. This gets a big tick of approval from us!

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ele Editor’s Note – Anna has normal to dry skin, is in her late-thirties and uses regular Vitamin A cream at night. This product was used over the course of 1 month to really test its ability to provide ongoing benefits. As always, all reviews and opinions at are unbiased and are our own.

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