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Shopping The Classics In An Economic Downturn

By Shannon Meddings

With everything that is going on at the moment it is safe to say that the ‘times-they-are-a-changing’. One of the biggest challenges we face on a global scale is the health of our economy and businesses. Retail – bricks and mortar – has been doing it tough for quite some time and while online has boomed, the current situation will potentially impact that too.

I have long been a fan of investment dressing mixed in with fast-styles, and also love sustainable options which are getting better and more stylish every time a new collection emerges (more on that in another article). There is no better time to look at what you need in your wardrobe for the classic staples and invest in your future looks, not only will you be supporting the retail industry but you will no doubt snap up a bargain that you may never see again!

The best way to approach this system is one of planning. The items are out there but it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused and go into what I like to call “fashion shock”. Follow my steps below on how to shop the online stores like a pro and come out with an enviable classics wardrobe.

1. Create A Wishlist

Whether it is a classic trench coat, perfectly cut denim or a pair of nude pumps, have a list in mind of what you really want so that you have a targeted approach, aimlessly scrolling through pages of sale items will leave you confused at best and at worst with a load of things that don’t make sense in your wardrobe or are overly fashionable. Stick to a list of the basics and you will win!

2. Do Your Homework

List all of the brands you are interested in and see what they have in stock, sign up to their mailing lists as you will receive updates and in some cases VIP access. Also check out the department stores as they may have 40% off on a shoe brand you love whereas the boutique may only have a smaller percentage off.

3. Have An International Size And Money Converter Tab Open

Shopping online means we can shop the world! And as important as it is to shop local and support our immediate economy, shopping some of the bigger international designers can mean even bigger discounts than shopping those same brands locally. When this is the case always have a tab open for size checking and money conversion and taxes. This will ensure no upsetting surprises when your beloved package or credit card bill arrives.

4. Set A Budget

Be disciplined and don’t overspend. If you really don’t love something always ask yourself “am I only buying this because it’s on sale?”. More seasonal, trend-driven pieces from the last six months are the most likely to go on sale and it is easy to get lost amongst the many sale items but sticking strongly to both your budget and list of classics will keep you on track!

5. Never Buy Something In The Wrong Size Thinking It Will Fit

Check the size of the garment, check your measurements, bust, waist and hips etc and look at the material, does it have “give” in the fabric or is it structured? If the latter is the case then be very stringent with your sizing, most discounted clothes will have a “no returns” policy which can be a disaster, remember its only a bargain if you actually wear it.

Remember that the classics mean investing in pieces that are timeless and that can be worn year after year without ever looking out of fashion, if you keep this in mind as you shop you won’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

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