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Longevity Lessons We Learnt In 2020

2020 was a tough year for a lot of people but 2021 is now it full swing and it’s important we look forward to keep growing within ourselves, our relationships, our values and our passions. We spoke to a some experts who shared the vital longevity tips they learnt in 2020.

1. Adala Bolto, founder of ZADI Training, Female-Specific workout programs.


Training on a regular basis doesn’t mean hours in the gym and a super regimented schedule. Due to Covid, there was a surge in at home workout equipment, digital fitness consumption, outdoor workouts and simply adding more walking into people’s lifestyle as we were all chasing a level of consistency in our exercise routines whilst we waited for our favourite fitness venues to re – open.


Try and reconcile and let go of any past decisions made whilst operating in survival mode. These thoughts of blame and guilt can weigh heavy and prevent us from feeling motivated, happy and reaching fulfilment.

2. The Team at Thinc Eco, a sustainable brand that produces reusable products made from resourceful materials such as bamboo, wheat and organic cotton.

Don’t panic buy, buy consciously

2020 was a big year for all of us, with a lot of us in lockdown, we were all made to make fewer trips to the supermarket. Making conscious changes and buying wisely is essential. It is vital at a time like this that the foods we are buying are staying as fresh as possible.

When produce isn’t stored properly, it won’t stay as fresh, and sometimes we find ourselves throwing out vegetables or fruit we have only just bought. By using Reusable Silicone Ziplock bags you’ll be using less plastic and also keeping produce fresher for longer.

Think Eco

3. Luke Mcleod, Meditation and Mindfulness instructor – Founder of

Regular Meditation

The reason why meditation is a no-brainer (pardon the pun) when it comes to longevity is that it has been proven as one of the most effective exercises to lowering stress. We all know that stress is one of the main symptoms of major health issues and therefore by lowering it through meditation, you can reasonably assume that your life’s longevity with improve.

Luke McLeod

4. Fabio, the original male supermodel and Co-Founder of Aston James products


Invest in good hair and skincare products. You want products that have ingredients in them that are extremely effective for good results, but that also don’t have harmful chemicals that can seep into your skin. Also make sure they look nice and smell nice. The older I get, the more I understand how important self care is and your skin and hair routine can fall into the self care category if you let it.


5. Tim West, founder of 12RND Fitness

Time Management

If there is something we learnt from 2020 it is time management, and being able to work out every day on such a busy schedule. Luckily some gyms cater for those who keep random hours, 12RND Fitness, for example, has “NO FIXED CLASS TIMES” so you can come and workout anytime during your club’s opening hours, have a set program waiting for you, and coach guidance to support you through the workout. It offers an effective workout, where you can burn up to 700 calories in under 45 minutes, meaning you’re in and out quickly with a solid training session done for the day.

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