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The Iconic Pool at Hotel Molitor Featured in Emily in Paris

Find out more about the famous Paris pool at Hotel Molitor featured in Emily in Paris.

If you have been watching the latest season of Netflix series Emily in Paris you will be enjoying a highly stylised and fantasy Paris that we all dream of visiting. Filmed largely in the warmer months Paris comes to life in the series with endless sunshine, beautifully dressed people and iconic places.

In season 3, episode 5 Emily and Mindy visit a pool party for the launch of a fictional sun care product. The dreamy pool, Piscine Molitor, featured in the episode really does exist!

Emily in Paris, courtesy Netflix

Piscine Molitor has a long history starting in 1929 when it opened to the public as a place for leisure and recreation. Not only could visitors swim in the pool during the hot summer months, but events and celebrations were held on site and the space featured restaurants, a bar and a hairdresser.

Piscine Molitor in its heydey

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the pool begun to fall into disrepair. A winter ice skating rink was installed for the cooler months but the crippling running costs of the venue saw it eventually shut down completely.

Over the next few decades the structure became a haven for graffiti artists and illegal parties until the City Council tendered the use of the space and awarded it to the Accor Hotel group in 2014. Faithfully restored, the hotel giant brought it back to life and structured a hotel around the once famous pool.

The graffiti era

And voila here we are today, Piscine Molitor has been restored and is now a hotel and the pool is available for guests to enjoy. So if you want to get some of those Emily in Paris vibes you can either book a room at Hotel Molitor or visit the day spa which includes use of the pool facilities.

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Hotel Molitor today

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