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The Secret Luxury Eye Serum You Need Right Now

NIOD’s products are cloaked in exclusivity, hiding behind technical names and lowkey branding. I tried the NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC) for 3-months to see if it was worth the $100AUD price tag for a 15ml bottle. 

NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC)

DECIEM is well known for its budget-friendly and readily available range, The Ordinary. But hiding behind that behemoth is a relatively unknown sibling brand NIOD. NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) was a personal project of the DECIEM founder, Brandon Truaxe, who wanted a luxury range on the cutting edge of science. 

Each NIOD product has a technical name, making it slightly out of reach for people unwilling to do their skincare research. Many would see this as a detriment to the range, but NIOD has deliberately done this. Truaxe states, ‘NIOD will always have a very narrow audience that appreciates a genuine commitment to true quality and innovation – an audience not inspired but marketing on pricing strategies, but instead by truth and accountability.’

The first thing you notice about the NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC) is the bottle’s size. This bottle is teeny tiny and fills you with fear that with even the slightest misstep, your liquid gold will be dashed all over your bathroom tiles filled with glass from the broken bottle. Luckily for you, I dropped my full bottle of FECC onto my tiles almost immediately, and it didn’t leave a dent in the dark glass bottle. 

The FECC bottle is 15ml, which makes it feel like the product will run out very quickly, but the spreadability of the serum means you are using only 2-4 drops per day for morning and night use, making it last a long time (over three months in my case). 

What makes NIOD FECC effective?

FECC is a do-it-all type of eye product, with claims it can target aging, reduce puffiness, dark circles and even uneven texture. It does this by focusing its ingredients into four main categories: 

  • HA and Collagen Technologies
  • Expression Technologies
  • Uneven Pigmentation Technologies
  • Fluid Retention Technologies

There are 28 active ingredients in FECC, so I will explain one key ingredient from each category rather than go into all of them. 

Full-Spectrum Fractions of Nature-Identical Hyaluronic Acid (HA and Collagen Technologies)

FECC has several complicated methods of supporting their Hyaluronic Acids, which we could detail, but let’s not forget who is the star of the show. The two forms of fractions of hyaluronic acid offer short and long-term ‘filling in’ of fine lines while improving the look of elasticity.

Novel Arginine-Sustained Acetyl-Hexapeptide-30 (Expression Technologies)

This peptide was the first-ever found to fight the signs of aging as a result of facial expressions. NIOD has given it a modern update to work with drone ingredients, which means more of the peptide can be effective than ever before. 

Marigold/Yeast Ferment Bio-Complex (Uneven Pigmentation Technologies)

Though you might be shocked to see the inclusion of something as familiar as yeast, a marigold/yeast ferment is 94% effective in reducing the look of dark circles.

Silanetriol-Delivery Vitamin F Complex (Fluid Retention Technologies)

Vitamin F has been common in hair products for a while, but NIOD are using in FECC to reduce the look of puffiness, and as a happy coincidence, it also reduced discolouration under the eye.

Does it work?

For me, the biggest tell for whether an eye product is working or not is how you feel once you stop using it. Changes around our eyes can be so temperamental, dependant on sleep and other conditions, so you while might see quick results (NIOD state results start at three days), you probably won’t notice this immediately. 

Within weeks of my bottle of FECC running out and my moving over to trial a different luxury brand eye cream (which shall not be named), the effects were noticeable. The discolouration under my eyes was darker, the fine lines underneath my eyes were more prominent, and my eyelids became dry. I also noticed red marks popping up where the new eye product was irritating the delicate skin. 

FECC is hands down the best eye product I have tried, and at ~$1/day, it’s pretty reasonable for someone looking for consistency of results and who is willing to stray away from well-known brands for the luxury of a product that delivers.

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