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What to Listen To This Week – The Scamfluencers Podcast

We check out the new Wondery podcast series, Scamfluencers.

Entertainment has been awash with fraudster stories of late, from the improbable story of Anna Sorokin in Inventing Anna, the Elizabeth Holmes story in The Dropout and love scoundrel The Tinder Swindler (to name just a few), it seems like we cannot get enough of naughty people doing naughty things particularly when it comes to money.

A new Wondery Podcast Scamfluencers, delves into the world of online tricksters, happy to do their friends, families and well, anyone they can, out of their hard earned cash. The podcast starts with a story of ballet and a dodgy power couple but it is the second three-part Hollywood story of wannabe actor Zachary Horowitz that got us hooked.

Zack Horowitz concocted a Bernie Madoff style scheme and swindled investors from all walks of life out of hundreds of millions of dollars while claiming to be acquiring film licencing rights and doing distribution deals with Netflix and HBO.

We won’t spoil too much more about the story in case you haven’t read anything about it yet, but the audacity of the Hollywood wannabe, also known as Zack Avery, is on another level.

The Wondery series explores multiple stories from the world of social media, ballet, fashion, finance and Hollywood so we can’t wait to get stuck into the next episodes.

Why Listen?

It is not only the real life stories that are engrossing but the hosts themselves, writers Scacchi Koul and Sarah Hagi give us similar vibes to the Shameless girls, they are funny, articulate, entertaining and well versed in pop culture, oh and they have great chemistry.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who loves a true life con story will enjoy this podcast, particularly if you like it with a side of glam and some laughs.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or visit Wondery’s site here.

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