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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Inspiring

Are you new to the working from home thing and struggling to get inspired? Or have you been at it for a while but need a revamp of your designated work station?

A functional and thoughtful home office space isn’t just for remote workers. Most households need one to keep on top of personal accounting, bills and other paperwork.

The right home office will get you on task with better focus, time management and increased efficiency. Here are our five top tips for creating an inviting, organised and motivating home office space.

1. Position your desk

If you don’t have a room for the study, find a niche or area in your home you can carve out purely for the office. You can mark this area with a rug. Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair for optimal comfort and alignment. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room for the office, a desk overlooking the garden or some greenery can induce the free-flow of your thoughts and creativity. 

According to Feng Shui experts, it’s best to place your desk away from the wall, facing the door, to welcome opportunities and good fortune.

2. Add artwork and personal touches

Dressing your walls with stimulating artwork that reflects your personality will inspire creativity, calm and focus.

Adding personal touches, such as a lightly-scented candle, stylish desk accessories, photos and motivational quotes, will help create a space you enjoy being in and boost productivity.

Indoor plants are essential. Not only do they look good and help to purify the air, indoor greenery also reduces fatigue and stress.

3. Give accents of colour

Incorporate pops of colour through your accessories and artwork. The colours you choose can have a big impact on your mood. Yellow and green are great for boosting creativity, while blue hues open the mind up to new ideas and aid communication.

4. Use effective storage solutions

Clutter is one of the biggest mood killers. Keep it away with regular clear outs and storage hacks that ensure your office always looks appealing. Custom-built shelves above your desk and coloured storage boxes with labels will keep your office supplies and documents organised, stylishly. Use a filing tray to stash messy paperwork and remember to clean it out regularly.

5. Install the right lighting

Natural lighting is ideal for an inspiring home office space. It’s good for your eyes and for your mind-set! On-trend pendant lighting doesn’t take up much room and works perfectly in zoned areas, while a directional desk lamp is an essential element for brightening your work space and controlling your lighting but not hurting your eyes.

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